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2pm Spris CF (30s)

Hawt HOT HOT!!

I love this cf!. 2pm is hot!.^__^

Taecyon has changed so much since their debut. (i mean all of them did!). Everyone turned into a hunk! (well, except for Wooyoung – he doesn’t have masculine body, not mature enough). Everyone’s having an exercise and some stunts.

credit: Emelynism91

@0:05 – Taecyon hottie

@0:07-cuttie Nickhun playing basketball

@0:08 – maknae Chansung

@0:18 – Wooyoung skateboarding


Sones are loved by SNSD.  Last year SNSD dominated the charts with “Gee” and “Genie”. SNSD’s promotions are nonstop. They always have a new song to promote right after they end the first one. I just noticed that SNSD’s songs are mostly EXPRESSIONS like “hey!”, “jeez” LOLS.. After Gee it’s now Oh!. But i like the soung although there’s no part where the leader Taeyon sings a high note. None of them did  it in this song.

Here’s their MV inspired by Cheerleader outfit.

credits: ssfsub2