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Difference Between SNSD and Wonder Girls

Difference Between SNSD and Wonder Girls

We know of the healthy rivalry between Wonder Girls and SNSD. In the recent episode of Win Win, Park KyungLim appeared as guest and explains the difference between these two groups.
KyungLim expresses that, “if SNSD is a café in Europe, Wonder Girls is like a teahouse in Insadong.” She also revealed her encounter with Wonder Girls’ leader, SunYe, that made a deep impression on her. KyungLim states that when she met SunYe at a broadcasting station, they went out to eat at a restaurant. She adds, “I was going to pay, but SunYe paid 2 seconds before me. After that, when I met her for a radio program, her facial expression was like seeing my mom. I feel that we’ve become extremely close.”

Sohee and Yoobin also had their moment with KyungLim. KyungLim invited the girls for ice cream once since they looked hot. Inside the store, KyungLim told the girls to pick whatever they liked and Sohee asked if she could get the $0.70 ice cream. Upon hearing Sohee’s question, Yoobin slowly puts down her $0.50 ice cream to grab a $0.70 one. KyungLim’s story caused much laughter in the set.

KyungLim then adds on how much Wonder Girls treats her as a family. She claims that, “When I saw them a while later, other than the fact that we never lived together, they treated me like family. They have lots of affection.”

Each group is different in their own ways and each celebrities experienced lovely meetings between these two top girl-groups. Apparently, SNSD is a cafe while Wonder Girls is a teahouse, agree?

[Credit: Kim HyunWoo]
[Translation: ch0sshi]

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