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U-Kiss holds successful concert in the Philippines

On June 14th, boy band U-Kiss held a successful concert at the Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines. The concert was originally supposed to be held on May 29th but was postponed to June 14th. SS501’s Kim Hyun Joon was scheduled to be in attendance to support his brother Ki Bum, but he couldn’t make it due to SS501’s comeback obligations back in Korea.

This was their first concert and the boys seemed to be excited as they tweeted:


Our first concert was such a special day for us and I even cried tears of joy because I was so touched by everyone’s love~ ^^ THANK YOU~ ♥

had an AWESOME time at our concert~ Our Pinoy fans were an amazing crowd~~! I will never forget our memories together~ MAHAL KITA ♥


Time to go back to Korea~ Enjoyed so much in Philippines! Unforgetable memory! Thank u so much Pinoy KISS-ME! Love y’all!! BYE!! (>_<)/

Salamat bo Pinoy KISSME!! Mahal kita!~♥*^3^* RT @ukisskorea: Philippines KISSME Thank you so much~♥

U-KISS 1st Kiss concert done!! Had a GREAT time yesterday!!*^^* Thank u so much for coming to our show! Salamat sayong suporta! Love y’all~♥

source: ALLKPOP

I’m not really a fan of U-kiss though plus they chose GMA as their official media partner.  Just enjoy the videos (sorry for not translating)

U-KISS interview with Grace Lee – Philippines

credits: PinayScandal2009


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