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Lee Min Ho’s interview @ SNN August 2, 2010 + Eng Sub

Lee Min Ho was interviewed @ SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), a late night Celebrity gossip show aired everyday in ABS-CBN. This was aired yesterday, August 2, 2010.

Please credit me if you taking out the translations!

credits: maiminsun

@0:27 – Voice-over: Goo Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers has a special message to his Pinoy fans. One of the characters to the most popular drama and crazed by many fans. Everyone missed the arrogant but lovable Goo Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers. And tonight we get to know more the man behind the character, the famous Korean actor and Asian hearthrob, Lee Min Ho.
@0:50 – Host: Welcome to Singapore, Kapamilya! We’re here now to meet and greet Lee Min Ho, aka Goo Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers and I’m very very excited to be able to share my experience to you.
@1:05  – Voice-over: Bianca and SNN went to Singapre for the Launching of Lee Min Ho as the newest ambassador of the LG Optimus.
@1:12 – LMH: How are you? Hi!…uhm…I’m here now as the newest ambassdor of the newest LG Optimus phone. Thank you everyone for coming here and I hope all of you will enjoy with me. I’m sure I will enjoy too.
@1:33 – Voice-over: The fans got the chance to have a bonding time with him in his very special meet and greet session. And in here, Lee Min Ho was able to meet personally a fan.
@1:50 – Voice-over: And of course, our very own, Bianca Gonzales personally talked/meet Lee Min Ho.
@1:57 – Bianca: Thank you very much for your time Min Ho. Annyeong-haseyo.
@1:58 – LMH: Annyeong-haseyo (hello)
@2:01  – Bianca: You’re very very popular in the Philippines after your series Boys oVer Flowers aired there. When do you plan to visit PHlippines? Our country.
@2:07 – LMH: Honestly, I’ve been longing to visit there in the Philippines…mmm..If only my schedule is not busy I would go there tomorrow. There are some whore are inviting me to come so I really hope I’ll be able to visit there as soon as possible.
@2:23 – Bianca: Actually, your good friend Kim Kibum already went to the Philippines and he liked it there. You’re gonna like it too.
@2:29 – LMH: Kimbum actually told me that his experience was fun so I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to go there soon. I’m sure, I’ll enjoy there.
@2:39 – Bianca: I’ve actually met with Kimbum in Korea for this project, world date…uhm.. He mentioned that you two are still close. Who of the cast of Boys Over Flowers are you still very close?
@2:51 – LMH: Actually, all of us are busy because of work…mmm…so it’s hard for to be together, but among all of them Kimbum is the closest to me because even until now, we still talk often. Sometimes we go out together.
@3:09 – Bianca: What other celebrity that is korean you got to work with? Dara? What was it like working with Dara?
@3:16 – LMH: We had a fun shoot together with Dara for a commercial. She has a nice singing career now. Actually, she’s very popular now in Korea..uhm.. I remember when we first met for a shoot, it was funny since we had a kissing scene. We felt shy towards each other.
@3:36 – Bianca: You had a kissing scene and you also had a scene where she slapped you in the face. How was that?
@3:41 – LMH: Actually, Dara was very kind to me because she didn’t slapped me that hard but it was done three times so on the third time, it’s a little bit painful.
@3:55 – voice-Over: And for his Pinoy Fans, we’re going to see him again soon for his new koreanovela “perfect match”
@4:03 – LMH: Hello Kapamilya, I’m back. Please perfect match on ABS-CBN. I love you all.

–towards the end of the clip, the hosts were talking abour Lee min Ho’s sense of fashion. Bianca said that Lee Min ho’s hair is straight in real life and he wears too much tight jeans. Boy Abunda said that maybe he’s wearing leopards or something like for ballet class… ROFL. They had fun time talking about Lee Min Ho’s tight jeans.

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3 responses

  1. download kdrama boy over flower in high quality here

    August 25, 2010 at 11:21 PM

  2. kyusneezes

    they shouldn’t dubbed it…it doesn’t feel and sounds right…

    October 30, 2010 at 8:55 PM

  3. Lenny

    please update me about lee min ho!!i idolized him much!!

    December 23, 2010 at 12:42 AM

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