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I say “NO!” to GP Basic… stop the crap

GP Basic

GP Basic

Like what the title says, it’s definitely a NO to GP Basic’s adult-like-dance-inspired-by-Justin-Beiber.

This is a protest!

What the hell is wrong with the company releasing babies singing Britney’s “I’m a Slave for you…”??

(technically, that’ not what the girls of GP Basic sang,..but it’s more like it) They debuted with their album and song “GAME”.  this makes me wanto to laugh. They still have lot of things yet to learn, to experience and to enjoy not working their asses off trying to get an impression from the music industry of Korea, especially to fans. (They should probably play GAMES instead) At their young age, their body’s already abused, you know what i mean? sleepless nights practicing to sing wearing KILLER HEELS??.  They’re not even 18! and the average age of their member is 15! HSh*t.

Ok, so here’s their debut music video with the song “game”.


so what can you say?

The song, it’s auto tune but still catchy… i prefer “marry had a little lambs”

Their choreography? WOAH! They’re dancing like adults!, they even have that chest popping moves! and Janey (around 11-13 yrs. old) doesn’t even have them yet. No mountains and forests. XD

oh yeah, well, here’s the good part. though they’re still young, i kinda like them still because maybe they didn’t undergo any surgery or something, but yeah maybe they did (or so i thought). Because of this group, my interests to SNSD just increased. I’m just glad they didn’t do this thing when they debuted, they had that school girl image while GP Basic’s having that adult-image.. pity.

FYI: it’s not only me whose against this group’s debut image. Here are some more comments I found over at youtube.

Okay, like the song, but I’m going to rant now.

GP Basic girls, please don’t chest pop. I had enough with 4minute Hyuna and 2NE1 Minzy, and they’re not even legal yet.

They’re cool, but don’t you think Janey seem out of place with colorful clothes?

And what’s with the auto tune?? Although I like that kind of sound, but this is too much, oy! They shouldn’t use it for the whole song!

I’m done ranting. You can thumb down this comment if you don’t like it.

Thumb me down if you don’t like my comment.

arent they too young? at least Hyunah looked mature. well maybe they need more experience then we’ll see them in a different angle

i like their voice (they could still improve) and the choreography…but the popping and the thrusting…i just don’t think so….is that even legal…. and did i just hear her say “who wanna get f***ed up?” at the very beginning?

they should concentrate more on their studies…

and they are too young that they even don’t have the charisma of girls….

overall,they are too young…

Well, i’m not really that all anti to this group, it’s just that they should try at LEAST to promote a song that fits their age. Be like Orange caramel, all that girly and cutey image.. That way, they’ll probably get more supporters than haters.  Boa is also young like them when she debuted but she sported the image right for her age^_^


another article for this group… click to read

A female idol group composed of six elementary schoolers and middle schoolers is debuting.

One member is in 6th grade (elementary school in Korea), while the other five are in their second year of middle school, making the group GP Basic’s average age 15. According to the company GP Basic Entertainment, they will release their digital single containing two tracks next week.

They will start promoting with their title track ‘Game’.

The reason GP Basic is garnering so much attention is because this group is made of the youngest members ever seen among idols. There are a lot of instances in which idol groups’ members are in their teens, but none where a member is in elementary school.

Currently among active idols, f(x)’s Krystal and Sulli, Kara’s Kang Jiyoung, and U-Kiss’s Dongho are all 16 years of age. SHINee’s Taemin is 17, and Wonder Girls’ Sohee is 18. All of them debuted as middle schoolers. Male group Teen Top is also composed of six members between the ages of 15-18, middle-and-high schoolers.

As the ages of idol group members gets lower, voices of concern have been rising.

These voices have been questioning whether it is alright for these young, emotionally unstable, under aged members to be active in groups while being cut off from their peers and schooling.

Music analyst Im Jinmo stated, “The entertainment industry is a scary and burdensome society to come into after leaving one’s family, so these young people might experience emotional problems”, “There is a worry that even with success, they might not be able to overcome loneliness and conflict.”

A solo singer who was a member of a famous male group as a high schooler stated, “I thought that I had started life in society a bit earlier than my peers, but it turned that all I had done was experience life in broadcasting”, “When I left the group, I didn’t know anything about the world and for a long time was in a state of confusion”.

Because of these worries, CUBE Entertainment, the company of 4minute and BEAST, has professionals come in to teach education to the group’s members every week.

CUBE Entertainment’s Hong Seungsung representative stated, “Our company singers have been getting regular sex education and counseling”, “Because the parents have put the company in charge of their teenage kids, we have a responsibility to pull these kids’ futures in the right direction. Moreover, because they are stars who influence children, in order to become stars it is important that they have character”.

The problem is that there are few companies who have systems like this.

Im Jinmo said, “Right now, most companies do not have a system to secure education for their artists”, “Instead of developing their talents, it’s more important to first create an environment in which their talents can be brought out best”.

hankooki (SOURCE)
ilovepocky@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

credits: dkpopnews


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