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Live performance in Philippines

Jay Park in Manila [May 4-6, 2012]

It’s been a month since Jay Park (former 2PM Leader) visited Manila, Philippines for his album “New Breed” promotion. Nevertheless, just wanna share photos and posters of the event! (better late than never).





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ZE:A in the Philippines [Jan. 11-14,2012

Does anybody knows ZE:A? (Jey-ah) I only know 1 song from them which is entitled “Mazeltov”, their debut song that goes with a funny lyrics: “Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday” (like we don’t know the days of the week? rofl) Their songs is just a few of kpop songs with english words. Ok, I’m not a hater, in fact I like ZE:A. Their member, Kim Dong Jun, reminds me of 2NE1 Dara’s exboyfriend which is Joseph Bitangcol.

While dining out last night, I saw a MYX show guesting ZE:A members, it was then i remembered that I haven’t blogged about this. They came for a fanmeeting and promoting their album for 3 days around the city of Manila.


Fancams of ZE:A in the Manila, Philippines: for more fancams you can just visit and search for :”ZE:A in the Philippines”



*ZE:A’s Message to their filipino fans

credits: wmphils

*ZE:A’s Live Performance in GMA Eat Bulaga

credits: dryedmangoezdotcom
(I really hate it when hosts don’t know how to pronounce kpop idol’s group name)

Here’s a picture of Dara’s Ex boyfriend, Joseph.

Dara and Joseph (before entering YG)

Dong Jun and Joseph somehow has the same look. ^__^

Joseph and ZE:A's Dong Jun

Posters from their tour

ZE:A’s Mazeltov MV Eng Sub

credits: ahja

Happy lunar new Year!!

Hi KPOP fans!!



2AM in the Philippines

If you love 2am and you’re a Filipino well you probably knew they came here in the Philippines last April. They promoted their latest album “Saint O’ Clock”.  I’m a huge fan of 2am! My fave member is Jo Kwon- next is Jinwoon. I love Jo Kwon for being a Ssanti King and Jinwoon for just being cute. I’ve watched a lot of 2am shows and dowloaded a few of their live performances in MBC- SBS- KBS and MNet. I’m a little upset for not blogging about them coming here so I’m posting some photos and videos of their activities while they stayed here. To start off- here’s a cute crazy dance from our Ssanti King- Jo Kwon.

Ssanti Diva Dance compilation of Jo Kwon


2AM’s Schedule of Activities
April 27 — 5:00pm – Live Radio Interview at Baranggay LS 97.1
April 28  — 6:00pm – Meet & Greet at Newport Mall Plaza at Resorts World Manila
April 29— 6:00pm – Meet & Greet at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill
April 30— 5:00pm- Grand Show at Eastwood Mall Open Park


promotional poster

Promotional Poster

Contest from a Radio Station

2AM’s Personal Invitation to the Event

credits: mcamusic

2AM’s GMA Interview

credits: FreeProd2008

2AM Radio Guesting at Barangay LS 97.1 FM

credits: FreeProd2008

Click this link for ALL 2AM related videos during their stay here in the Philippines

Few pictures of 2AM

credits: korean popcentral

credits: bighit entertainment

Jay Park performs on Showtime with “Demon”

Yay! I know this has been really late news but still I wanted to show everyone what Jay Park did while he was here in the Philippines. He performed “demon” during Showtime shown last September 30, 2010…

Jay Park is the former leader of 2Pm and he’s know before as Park Jaebum…^_^ (Used the name Jay Park when he went solo).

Fancam of Jay Park

credits; mervieee


Jay Park on MYX (Music Channel)

credits: ilovenoxie18

(SS501) Kim Hyun Joong Arrival in Manila, Philippines + B2ST performing Shock on “Diz iz it”

Kim Hyun Joong

B2ST / Beast

yey! B2ST together with SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong finally arrived here in the Philippines.

I’m happy that another kpop group visited philippines! Kpop groups are slowly invading the philippines now.

Kim Hyun Joong arrived yesterday june 18,2010 and was interviewed by the GMA network.  It’s a sad fact that GMA is again the official media partner for showing kim hyun joong and B2st. GMA are going to interview them tonight during 24 oras, I just wonder how are they going to express Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity here without mentioning his drama “boys over flowers” which was shown in ABS-CBN, rival network of GMA. LMFAO. grrr. I really hate it!! Why do they chose to appear in GMA or why their company chose gma as their media partner.  (As you all know or some of you may know, few people watches gma) If another kPOP group come here in the Philippines I hope they’re going to choose ABS-CBN. Anyways, enjoy the video with english translation.


credits: ilovedoubles501

lols at Hyun Joong! Buying sunglasses at Duty Free. Obviously he forgot to bring his own (hmm, i wonder why)

B2ST performing Shock on “Diz iz it” on GMA. They should’ve performed in “Showtime” @ ABS-CBN.  Most Filipinos watch ABS-CBN than GMA….I know B2st but I don’t know any member from them and I don’t even listen to their song. I’m more like an MBLAQ fan^_^. geez, how are they even going to increase their popularity if they perform on shows where a few people only watch?!.  Please next time, please peform on ABS, please!!

credits: pinaswatch

note: sorry for bashing GMA,if you’re a Kapuso.

U-Kiss holds successful concert in the Philippines

On June 14th, boy band U-Kiss held a successful concert at the Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines. The concert was originally supposed to be held on May 29th but was postponed to June 14th. SS501’s Kim Hyun Joon was scheduled to be in attendance to support his brother Ki Bum, but he couldn’t make it due to SS501’s comeback obligations back in Korea.

This was their first concert and the boys seemed to be excited as they tweeted:


Our first concert was such a special day for us and I even cried tears of joy because I was so touched by everyone’s love~ ^^ THANK YOU~ ♥

had an AWESOME time at our concert~ Our Pinoy fans were an amazing crowd~~! I will never forget our memories together~ MAHAL KITA ♥


Time to go back to Korea~ Enjoyed so much in Philippines! Unforgetable memory! Thank u so much Pinoy KISS-ME! Love y’all!! BYE!! (>_<)/

Salamat bo Pinoy KISSME!! Mahal kita!~♥*^3^* RT @ukisskorea: Philippines KISSME Thank you so much~♥

U-KISS 1st Kiss concert done!! Had a GREAT time yesterday!!*^^* Thank u so much for coming to our show! Salamat sayong suporta! Love y’all~♥

source: ALLKPOP

I’m not really a fan of U-kiss though plus they chose GMA as their official media partner.  Just enjoy the videos (sorry for not translating)

U-KISS interview with Grace Lee – Philippines

credits: PinayScandal2009

U-Kiss in the Philippines (Perf. vids + eng sub)

Kiss-me fans are all happy when U-Kiss finally came here in the PHilippines.^__^

to get to know more of these group, visit:  U-Kiss in Asianfanatics

A video about U-kiss arrival in Philippines through their media partner GMA’s 24 Oras <–news show

credits: TheMaizakichi

English Translations: Broadcasted on March 27, 2010

@ 0:00  –  They’re now in our country, the Korean Pop Group – U-Kiss

@ 0:03   –  In the airport yesterday, fans are already waiting for the male group compose of 7 members

@ 0:09  –  In ther mall show at SM mega mall, almost 1,000 copies of their album are sold

@ 0:15  –  The group are excited in their TV appearances including the prime (first) telecast of Party Pilipinas tomorrow and Master Showman later

@ 0:22  –  As for the food, they want to taste the “halo-halo” at “ginatann” <– these are famous filipino dishes.

U-Kiss – Round Round (Party Pilipinas Performance) March 28, 2010

credits: ZEiKCAiN

English Translations:

@4:04  –  So we’re so excited because, they’re here together with us, U-kiss!.. guys, let’s clap our hands

Some of them are saying “mahal kita” which means “i love you”

filipino fans! be happy! coz u-kiss are coming back in june!
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