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Wonder Girls’ Yenny and 2NE1’s Minzy Nail Art

Hello Wonderfuls and Blackjacks!

I’ve a couple of nail art inspired by Yenny / Park Ye eun of Wonder Girls and Minzy of 2ne1. These are the nail art they wore during their latest comeback promotions. I am thrilled to follow the designs myself and share it to you guys!


Wonder Girls’ Yenny had a yellow and black nail art which she wore during their “Like This” promotions, particularly during their Hot Tracks Fan Signing Event.

Wonder Girls' Yenny

Wonder Girls’ Yenny

Wonder Girls’ Yenny Nail Art Tutorial


As for Minzy, the nail art is seen on 2NE1’s latest Music video, “I Love You”

2NE1 Minzy

2NE1 Minzy

2NE1 “I love You” Music Video

2NE1 Minzy Nail Art



Wonder Girls for “EXR Loves Pucca”

Wonder Girls member Sohee has transformed into the global character, Pucca!

Clothing brand EXR is collaborating with the Pucca franchise to release a new line called ‘EXR Loves PUCCA’. The designs will be colorful with a vintage touch, focusing on customers in their 20’s.

Wonder Girls was recently appointed as models for the collection, and participated in a photoshoot to showcase the articles. The innocent and spunky Sohee took the main role, with the rest of the members supporting for a ‘Funny Love Story’ storyline. The members transformed into gangsters and posed with very comical expressions, showing yet another delightful side of the group.

Source: Allkpop

I decided to post these pretty pictures of Wonder Girls coz they’re super cute! (at least not retro this time) and they’re holding colorful cupcakes!!

Wonder Girls release new WG cosmetic CF and MV + Pics

Earlier this year, the Wonder Girls established their own cosmetics brand, which also gave the group an opportunity to introduce the world to the latest addition to their group, Lim.

The group has recently released a 30-second CF promoting their cosmetic line WG, and it features the girls in a really bubbly and cute atmosphere. The girls are shown dancing around with larger versions of their products to a very cute CF jingle.

source: Allkpop

So Hee

Wonder Girls’ Sohee in Daze and Confuse Magazine August Issue

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s fresh and new photoshoot has been revealed.

On the 20th, a photo of Sohee wearing a white outfit that nicely balances well with the background was revealed. This photo perfectly captured the essence of this fresh and young 19 year old girl.

This single cut has been garnering the interests of fans particularly because Sohee personally proposed this concept, amidst her packed schedule.

Plus the fact that fans will be able to witness her new charm through the white color, Sohee also poured out her thoughts as a Wonder Girls’ member and how she feels about finally reaching womanhood once she hits 20 years.

Sohee’s complete photoshoot and her honest talks will be revealed through the August issue of Dazed and Confused.

source: Allkpop

Sohee was photographed by Kim Ji Yang and wore outfits by the following designers: 3.1 Philip Lim, Agent Provocateur, Balenciaga, D&G, Jil Sander, Nina Ricci, Rick Owens, and much more!

credits: Seoulbeats


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more pics:

credits: seoulbeats

Come Play With The Wonder Girls! + Join the Wonder Girls Photo Remixing Contest!

I’m so honored to share MTV Iggy’s Wave 3 of Wonder Girls!

Yay!. Here’s the exclusive picture they gave to me. The pretty Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls

The five retro-glam cuties from the Wonder Girls are huge pop sensations in Korea and Asia, and are beginning the rumblings of an American takeover as well. In just a few short years, the Wonder Girls have had multiple hits in Korea, and their signature ’60s style and gorgeous voices brought them worldwide attention. During the summer of 2009, the Wonder Girls toured with The Jonas Brothers and hit cities across the US with the hottest K-pop boy group 2PM! Now in 2010, they’re gearing up to blow up, performing with Justin Bieber and adding 2AM to their tour. They’ve also evolved as fashion icons: In their new single “2 Different Tears,” the Wonder Girls fast-forward their retro aesthetic, jumping two decades to the ’80s. Watch them as they even make acid-wash look cute.

Roll call! Sun “The Boss,” Sohee “Dumpling,” Yenny “The Queen,” Yubin the “Romantic Jock,” and the newest member Lim will knock your socks off. We ❤ the Wonder Girls, and all summer long we’re going to be giving up the exclusives: photos, videos, and more…


Wish you were at the Summer Fun photo shoot with the Wonder Girls?

Maybe you saw our video with the girls where they talked about Justin Bieber, or you disagree with Sun’s opinion about the hottest member of 2PM. Maybe you think they needed different props or prettier backgrounds in the photoshoot. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!”

Well, It’s not too late.

“Impossible!” — You.

“Possible, with technology!” — Us.

In this MTV Iggy exclusive, we’re giving you K-pop fans the opportunity to use your creativity and editing skills to come up with a uniquely personalized Wonder Girls photo.

More info on Photos remixing Contest


Join before July 26!!

“Seoul CF” Behind the scenes with Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls behind the scens while filming the CF

Hye lim with yoobin

credits: iloveyoobin


Sunye at her father’s funeral wake

Wonder Girl's Leader Sun ye

We reported earlier that Sunye’s father who was suffering from a long term illness had passed away.

Sunye has been at her father’s funeral wake since early morning of June 24th at the Asan Medical Center.

At around 11:10am, one could hear a hymn coming out of the room that Sunye was in. Sunye, who is a devoted Christian, sang with all her heart, and one could hear her genuine emotions of sadness in her hymn.

Later, when Sunye came out of the room and came face to face with the reporters, she looked very pale. She tried to smile, but her smile was as empty as it could get. A reporter said that it seemed like all her energy was drained out.

The wake will take place for three days and on June 26th, Sunye’s father will finally come to rest at the Christian Gold Park.

You may be familiar with Sunye’s passionate love for her father because she had mentioned him quite a few times before. On a recent episode of Family Outing Season 2, Sunye even shed tears while reading a letter to her father.

A representative of JYPE said, “Sunye is going through a very difficult time because her love for her father was exceptional. She cried a lot so she is physically weak as well. We will discuss about Sunye’s schedules and tours at a later date.”

Source: Allkpop

Condolence to Sun Ye…”