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Jay Park in Manila [May 4-6, 2012]

It’s been a month since Jay Park (former 2PM Leader) visited Manila, Philippines for his album “New Breed” promotion. Nevertheless, just wanna share photos and posters of the event! (better late than never).





click the vid for the whole parts

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Jay Park Live at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls

Expect a sizzling hot summer as one of the hottest K-Pop acts, Jay Park, comes to Manila for a special three-day performance at the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Jay Park is of Korean-American heritage. He broke into the international scene while being the frontman of one of the hottest K-Pop groups, however his accomplishments stretches into the dance, television, and film industries. On top of this, he even won several awards including “Best Web Video” at the Mashable Awards for his own rendition of “Nothing on You.”

Ring in the last summer month with a performance from this well-awarded talent. Catch Jay Park as he renders songs off his “New Breed” album tour brought to you by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. The 15 tracks in his album tap into varied genres including R&B, dance, electronic hip-hop, and Euro dance. The album is a product of collaborations with top U.S. producer Rob Knox, rap group Dynamic Duo and other top artists to produce a fresh sound that will bring a fresh sound to his music.

Jay Park is performing live on May 4 (7PM) at Eastwood City in Quezon City, on May 5 (7PM) at Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio, and on May 6 (4PM) at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila. Buy a copy of his album at the concert venues on the day of the event and get a chance to have Jay Park sign your CD!

Jay Park Live in Manila is presented by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and MCA Music in cooperation with Eastwood Richmonde Hotel – the official residence of Jay Park in Manila, Red Box (Rock Dine Roll), media partners- MYX – The official music channel partner, 97.1 Barangay LS FM Tugstugan Na!, Sparkling Magazine, Gadgets Magazine,, Yahoo Philippines, Juan Manila Express, Businessworld,, Manila Concert Scene and BND Hair Gallery Salon.

For more information, please call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-0888, 709-9888, 0917-8380111. Check out the website at Add us up with our BBM PIN 26824AF9.

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KPop sensation Jay Park is coming to Manila to perform at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls this May!

KPop sensation Jay Park is coming to Manila to perform at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls this May!

“Press Release from Megaworld Lifestyle, Jay Park is here again! Wish I can meet him!”

– XOXO – Darling

Jay Park performs on Showtime with “Demon”

Yay! I know this has been really late news but still I wanted to show everyone what Jay Park did while he was here in the Philippines. He performed “demon” during Showtime shown last September 30, 2010…

Jay Park is the former leader of 2Pm and he’s know before as Park Jaebum…^_^ (Used the name Jay Park when he went solo).

Fancam of Jay Park

credits; mervieee


Jay Park on MYX (Music Channel)

credits: ilovenoxie18

Jay Park featured in Studio 23: The Wrap – September 30,2010

Jay Park is featured in Studio 23’s The Wrap

Jay Park

Watch the full show here:

Jay Park’s cut on The Wrap

credits: princessaurus03

English Translation: (I did not include what Jay Park said since he’s already talking in English so you have to watch the video)^^

To all Kpop fans, there’s a reason to scream again because Jay Park, the former 2pm vocalist is here in the country and he’s SINGLE AND LOOKING (it meant single and searching)

Here’s our Asian Bites in our exclusive interview.

Jay Park has landed in the Philippines.

(Jay Park talking in English)

And to see his Pinoy fans, he quickly held a press conference together with his B-Boy Group The Art of Movement. In the said press conference, Jay Park talked about his plans for the fanmeet tour in Asia. (Jay Park Talking in English)

To the questions regarding the offerings of teleserye or commercials to Jay Park, this was his answer: “I’ll definitely agree”

Three members of Jay Park’s group, Art of Movement are Filipinos and they are Chase Malone, Daniel Jerome and Andrew. Andrew is also Jay’s choreographer for his music videos and concerts.

Jay has a trivia for his pinoy fans when he talked about the craziest thing his fans did to him. (Jay talked in English)

Regarding to the question if Jay is single and what is his ideal Girl

Ending part of the Wrap playing Jay Park’s MV “Nothin on You”

credits: princessaurus03

English Translations by: Ameeh

Please take out with proper credits

News: Jay Park Holds Fan Meeting in Manila on Oct. 3

Jay Park Holds Fan Meeting in Manila on Oct. 3

Jay Park / Park Jaebum former 2pm member

Jay Park

Jay Park in Manila

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino fans will finally get to see K-pop star Jay Park (aka Park Jaebum) when he visits the Philippines in October.

Jay Park will hold the Philippine leg of his first Fan Meets Tour 2010 on Oct. 3 at the SMX Convention Center located inside the SM Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

The fan meet kicked off in Seoul last Aug. 28 at the Hwajung Korea University.

“I am blessed to have such incredible fans. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on the road and meet with you in so many great cities. I hope to make you proud,” Jay said when he announced his fan meet in July.

Jay will be joined in the fan meet by his b-boy group Art of Movement (AOM).

Before going to Manila, Jay will hold a fan meeting in Singapore that will be held at the Wave House, Sentosa on Sept. 25.

Jay is enjoying success as a solo artist this year after leaving K-pop boy band 2PM. He will star in his first international movie “Hype Nation.”

source: By JONATHAN M. HICAP@ Manila Bulletin

Another Article

Another K-pop artist is coming to Manila, Philippines and it’s 2PM’s former member and leader Jay Park or Park Jaebeom.

Read more:

Jay Park is the singer of the smash hit Korean-English version of
B.o.B original “Nothin’ On You” and the new single “Demon” which was
originally meant for the late Michael Jackson.

His Live in Manila Fan Meet Tour happens on October 3, 6PM, at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall Of Asia (MOA).

For ticket inquires and reservation

, call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or refer to the poster below.

Read more:

Jay Park already held his fan meetings in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, and reportedly were all sold-out so I hope we can also have his fan meet here in Manila a sold-out one.

Take a look at some of Jay Park’s pictures, he’s extra hot…

Read more:

Jay Park is the former member of one of South Korea’s Boy Band 2PM. He was the leader of 2pm ^_^
Know more why he left the group:

2PM during their promotions for their song "Again and Again" L-R Taecyon, Nickhun,Wooyoung, Jaebum, Junsu, Junho and Chansung

2pm’s 3rd Single “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” + Without You MV

2Pm is HOT

Hello hottest and to all 2pm fans out there! I fell in love more to 2pm! Becuase of the latest single they release.  They’re grown up now and really matured, you can really see the difference from their “10 out of 10” debut.^_^. Things have changed a lot since September 4, 2009 and everyone seems to move on especially their former leader “jay”. (so now jay’s gone, who’s the next leader?). Until now, 2pm hasn’t said or talked about anything about who their new leader is.

This is just a poll. Nothing else.. peace!^_^

Here’s their latest music video: Without U (It should be “I’m gonna be Okay”)

credits: kpopsub1

I love the setting for this mv. black rains, piano and the Hotties^_^. Among the 6, i notice Wooyoung has improved a lot, well in terms of muscles!..hehe^^.. My Fave  line: “Everything Happens for a Reason”. <– my motto in life.. and that’s true everything really happens for a reason that’s why there’s the thing called “coincidence”. Fans may have been been hurt for what happened to 2pm but maybe it’s for the BEST. I really wish in the future, hopefully that they’ll release a story version of their mv’s.. coz you’ll love the song more if there’s a story behind it rather than pure dancing.

In my opinion, this song relates to a fan awaiting for 2pm to be 7 again but sadly it didn’t happened. It’s like a cheer song for a sad fan that has to move on.^_^

2pm – “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”

credits: cconed

woah, i just love the fighting spirit of 2pm! the struggles they’ve been through only made them stronger^_^.

I love this song so much.  It’s a song for their haters and everyone who wants to put them down. The people who were once fans and now are anti’s.^_^


So we don’t Stop

We Can’t Stop

Until we Reach the TOP!

2PM & Yoon Eun Hye – Tik Tok Music Drama + Storyline

2pm together with Yoon Eun Hye collaborated on making a music drama entitled “tik tok”.

Here’s a vid on the song + English Subs

credits: sushiibakaa

2 Music Drama

credits: sanakujira3rd

Here’s the summary:

Storyline: Khun is super famous singer. Taec and Wooyoung are detectives. Junsu is Khun’s manager.

Yoonhe is another manager who likes khun. Boram from T-Ara is over-obssessed fan girl. For some reason, every girl that Khun went out with has gotten into accident. So detective Taec thinks that Boram is the suspect…

Spoil Alert!!! Drag your mouse to read

Eunhe gives Taeyeon pictures of Boram saying this is the person who stalks Nichkhun and said to Taec that she can’t let these things happen anymore. Then Khun gets in a fight at the club so his agency tells him to leave the country for some time until the media becomes quiet. Eunhye leaves along with Khun. On the other hand, cops catches Boram..thinking they’ve solve the case. Taec comes to the airport to say goodbye to Eunhye; then right after he said good bye, he gets a call from Wooyung saying they’ve got it all wrong, the suspect was actually left-handed Taec’s memory flashes back. Eunhye was left-handed so he goes back to her apartment, and end up finding a wall filled with pictures of Khun and his past girlfriends.

Eun Hye (on the plane): “You are mine.”

credits: 2pmalways

Storyline on the video:  (These are just roughly my understandings on both videos released)

First Video

@0:16 – Nichkhun is filming a Cass beer CF and Eun Hye is watching at the back together with Junsu.

@0:45 – as a manager, Eun Hye is checking on Nich’s outfit.

@1:01 – the Chair broke when the girl sit on it. The girl got hurt so she was taken to somewhere to receive treatment. (Eun hye kinda stared at her saying “that’s right for you”)

@1:17 – Taecyon is chasing a bad guy. Taec is like a cop/detective. (Hot part!!!)

@2:18 – Junsu is talking about a girl stalker (Boram from T-ara). Stalking Nichkhun for 3 years already. Eun Hye’s expression changed upon seeing the girl. She’s like mad.

@2:30 – Boram Smirked!! lols.

@2:50 – Eun Hye saw one of Nich Khun’s girl. (For me, this is the time where Eun Hye’s taking note of the girl).

@3:19 – At the headquarters, Taecyon is investigating the suspect through asking questions. This was the guy taec caught a while ago.

@3:20 – The suspect didn’t respond to Taec’s question so Taec got mad and threw the papers which awoken Wooyoung, who’s sleeping on his chair. Wooyoung slid down from his chair. (I find this scene a little bit funny – lols at wooyoung!)

@4:03 – The girl whom Eun Hye spotted the other night got into car accident.  Junsu, Nich’s Manager, got mad at the situation.

@4:16 – There was another note given stating: I love you, you are mine. This time Eun Hye looked at Nich.

@5:20 – Taecyon is the persong assigned to investigate the case regarding the girls connected to Nich who always got into accidents. This is the first time Taec meet Eun Hye for investigating on the case.
As the time goes by Taec develops a feeling of liking Eun Hye.^__^

Second Video

@0:26 – Boram, the obsess stalker hit the girl who went up on stage to hug Nichkhun. When taecyon saw her, she stopped and ran away.

@1:04 – Eun Hye is giving the photos of Boram (stalker), telling to Taec that she’s the suspect.

@1:38 – I really don’t understand what happened on Eun Hye in the elevator with the shorter person.

Just go on the video and you’ll surely understand the events.^__^

@5:44 – Taec was in Eun Hye’s room. There were lots of Nickhun’s photos.

@5:48 – Eun Hye meant to get Boram out of Nich’s sight. Boram is a stalker that annoys Eun Hye. Eun Hye is the real suspect not boram because she’s left handed and there were some flashbacks telling that Eun Hye’s a left handed girl. Like how she holds the glass and pass the photos.

@6:11 – Eun Hye said: “You’re mine” then, Nichkhun suddenly wake up. It’s the phrase written on the notes Nichkhun has been receiving everytime something bad happens to one of his girl friend.

^__^. pls. credit if taken out.^__^

2pm – Heartbeat MV [eng sub] hottest mv for 2009

hello everyone!.

I’ve been longing to post this mv in my blog. I always forgot becuase of lack of time.

I’m gonna share this, the hottest mv for 2009! Heartbeat from 2pm.^__^

2PM – Heartbeat MV

credits: kpopsubs

2pm Spris CF (30s)

Hawt HOT HOT!!

I love this cf!. 2pm is hot!.^__^

Taecyon has changed so much since their debut. (i mean all of them did!). Everyone turned into a hunk! (well, except for Wooyoung – he doesn’t have masculine body, not mature enough). Everyone’s having an exercise and some stunts.

credit: Emelynism91

@0:05 – Taecyon hottie

@0:07-cuttie Nickhun playing basketball

@0:08 – maknae Chansung

@0:18 – Wooyoung skateboarding