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(SS501) Kim Hyun Joong Interviews in Philippines [english subbed)

Yay!. I’m back on Kim Hyun Joong updates after his successful concert with B2ST. Kim Hyun Joong appeared in various shows on GMA and had a few interviews while he was in Manila.  I’m thankful that Kim Hyun Joong & B2st came here in the Philippines. I’m just into SS501 right now, and i’m soo happy to hear their leader coming here although I won’t be able to see him.  The first thing he said when he arrived was that he love the fresh scent of the place. lols. So cute of him to say that^_^

Below are the videos about Kim Hyun Joong:

[Eng Subbed] Kim Hyun Joong in Manila Showbiz Central – 20.06.2010




Kim Hyun Joong & Beast Interview @ Star Talk TX [6/19/10]


K-pop Meets P-pop @ 24 Oras 062010


Now on my comments:

Among all the interviews he had, none of them said anything about him as playing one of the lead role in the famous drama “Boys Over Flowers”. In my opinion, he wouldn’t be that famous without that drama here, even though there are SS501 fans (Triple S). It’s just a sad fact that the hosts can’t say it live on air on how much the Filipinos loved his drama “Boys Over Flowers”. Even so, I hope they were able to tell Kim Hyun Joong about that off-cam. We are happy that another korean celebrity has visited the Philippines, so we are also looking forward not only to their interviews but also on how the hosts treated them. How the MC’s made them feel that they are really popular here in the Philippines.  I just hate it when I hear them mentioning Kim Hyun Joong’s name in a disrespectul way (or so I think). They keep on calling him “Kim” which is his family name.  And for me, it ain’t right. FYI, in Korea, saying the family name alone is very disrespectful, it should be the full name with Mr/Ms. or the Given name.  It’s not only me who got annoyed by this fact, watch those vids on youtube and you’ll see a lot of fans hurt because of the hosts calling Kim Hyun Joong “Kim”.  It’s not hard to pronounce “Hyun Joong” right?.  For the Host’s mistake not to happen again, they should do a research and learn to respect.  All of the interviews done by Kim Hyun Joong are from GMA by the way.

Just like ABS-CBN, when 4Minute performed in Wowowee, Mariel (the host of Wowowee), though having a hard time pronouncing their names did her best to say it in the right and respectful manner. So I say, GMA, do your research and learn from ABS-CBN

F.T. Island in Philippines [Showtime Performance] + with english subs

yeye!! Finally all 5 members of F.T. Island visited Philippines!!.. Before it was F.T. Triple who went to Cebu to film for their MV. ^__^. Today, I’m giving you guys an english sub for their first live performance here in philippines. I do have a youtube account but it’s for nail art purposes [keke]..^^.. They performed in SHOWTIME – it’s a variety program showcasing Filipino talents. It’s like a dance or singing contest composing of 10 members at least. TOwards the end of the show, there’s always a celebrity performing, showing his/her talents in comedy, dancing and singing. In the show they had, F.T. Island. Click the word if you want to know more about showtime.^__^

credits: kyungmin78

@0:04 –  Welcome back to showtime!

@0:06 –  Are the “madlang” people excited?

@0:11 –  K-pop fans are also  very excited to this international boy band that will perform today, Kuya Kim. [kuya – tagalog word for older brother]

@0:20 – F.T. Island! meaning 5 Treasure Island.

@0:27 –  Ok “madlang” people, what are we going to say to them??

@0:33 –  [audience are starting to scream “oink” — sound of the pig. LOLS]

@0:40 –  [singing the “magpasikat” theme song]

Magpasikat,…In here, all of us are Famous.

@0:50 –  shown are the various fanclubs of F.T. Island here in the philippines

@1:41 –  there, you can clearly see the lyrics of their song OST from “You’re Beautiful” drama of Lee Hong Ki.

@1:45 – [ Lee Hong Kis is Hawt!! *drools*]
@6:12 –  [that’s the bouncer, keeping the fans away from  the stage – they might jump over f.t. island…(which i would do if i’m there.lols)]

@6:20 –  Lee Hong Ki said: “I Love You!”

@6:32 –  The winning group for the day. We will be able to know when Showtime returns.

pls. credit me if you’re taking this out! thanks!^__^