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2am’s I did Wrong 2 part MV

Here’s another sad love story brought to us by 2am^__^

I love the MV!, Although it’s kinda common to see a girl dying/sick with a lover hoping for her to be fine.  But in these MV all 4 members of 2am are like ‘quarelling’ over this girl named “Sohyun”.

This is how i understand the MV but this is not the exact Storyline.  (People have different understandings and here’s mine.)

Sohyun went to the same class with changmin, seulong, jo kwon and Jinwoon. ALl of them are like childhood friends. Each of the boys fell in love with the girls not knowing that she’s sick that’s why she’s too friendly to all of them. In the first MV, you can see them fighting over the girl.:/. When they knew about the girl’s sickness, all of them changed, the boys relationship with one another gets stronger and closer.. Jinwoon is a basketball player, Jo Kwon is a DJ and Changmin is in the ice hockey team.  (i don’t know what’s seulong’s career). actually, i don’t understand the meaning of the scenes towards the end of the 2nd mv, it’s like they went out of the team and went back again….and that’s all!. Watch the MV, you’ll surely understand more.^__^

credits: Princesz60x

After School – BANG! MV (eng sub) + concept photos

Here’s After School’s latest song bang!. ok, i’m not into the song yet (my rate: 75/100).  I gotta listen to it a couple of times before I’m gonna like it. I just love their concept for this song; girl drummers. All of them are so cute and sexy!! I’m excited to see their comeback stage performance for their costume. (I wonder what the color maybe?). Costumes/concepts are always what I’m after in every new song an artist reveals. So check out the MV with eng subs and enjoy!

credits: AznSamManTV

Photos of Afterschool for their Bang! song

Fahrenheit 飞轮海 – Touch your heart MV ft. Goo Hye Sun


Hello everyone!

While I was reading the latest news on ALLKPOP,  I was a bit surprised to see the Idols I was once crazy about before.

It’s Fahrenheit!(Fei Lun Hai), I haven’t heard much of them lately, my addiction to them stopped the moment I knew Wonder girls, and that was like a year ago.^__^. Well, I still like Fahrenheit until now, they haven’t changed much from the MV. My fave member of them is Aaron yan!! and next is Chun, the jiro and lastly calvin..I love hearing aaron’s voice in the mv, still as great as before.^__^

In the MV, they’re featuring the nice spots of Taiwan together with Goo Hye Sun.

Here’s the MV with English sub

credits:  beatrice

4Minute in the Philippines (Wowowee Performance)+eng sub

hello guys! How are you?^__^

One of Korea’s girl group 4minute came here in the Philippines. From Feb. 4-7,2010 they had lots of mall tours to promote their album “hot issue”.  As a Kpop fanatic, I’m really happy that they visited Philippines eventhough only a few of people (pinay netizens) knows them. They’re the first korean girl group to visit Philippines and had a promotion on different tv shows. Yesterday, Feb.6,2010 4 minute perform on Wowowee,  a noon time gameshow here in the Philippines. Millions of Filipinos watch Wowowee daily, it’s the favorite past time for lunch.  I like watching Wowowee, it’s a mix of everything; showdown of talents in singing and dancing, playing games, there’s also drama sometimes,..etc..

btw, here’s the HQ vid of 4Minute performing in WOWOWEE…


English translations:

@0:01 -0:20  –  From TV to MTV, they really amazed us, after Boys over Flowers, Wonder Girls and 2NE1. Here’s the Korean girl group that will surely invade our “hearts”. Please welcome, 4Minute!!!

(4minute then performed, Lip Synching)

(OMG! they’re really tall!)

(If you’re a kpop fanatic too, you will really see the difference on how korean and filipino cameramen focus their camera on the one performing. In korea, the cam keeps on changing phase. Like a second to another. In here, cameramen prefer to wave their cam like turnaround or focus it closely to the one singing.)

@4:03 – (4Minute introduced theirselves in tagalog.) We are the 4minute, mabuhay!

@4:12 – (action that symbolizes wowowee.)

@5:12 (Love it when they really sang some of their songs in their album^__^)

@6:06 – Again, that’ll be later on at Sm Megamall in New Event Center at 5:00pm. Bring a copy of the CD, they’ll sign their autograph for you.^__^

-In the end, 4Minute said: “Salamat po” which means “thank you”

thank you 4Minute for coming here in the phils!!^__^

please credit the translation if you’re taking them out^_^- Ameeh