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F.T. Island in Philippines [Showtime Performance] + with english subs

yeye!! Finally all 5 members of F.T. Island visited Philippines!!.. Before it was F.T. Triple who went to Cebu to film for their MV. ^__^. Today, I’m giving you guys an english sub for their first live performance here in philippines. I do have a youtube account but it’s for nail art purposes [keke]..^^.. They performed in SHOWTIME – it’s a variety program showcasing Filipino talents. It’s like a dance or singing contest composing of 10 members at least. TOwards the end of the show, there’s always a celebrity performing, showing his/her talents in comedy, dancing and singing. In the show they had, F.T. Island. Click the word if you want to know more about showtime.^__^

credits: kyungmin78

@0:04 –  Welcome back to showtime!

@0:06 –  Are the “madlang” people excited?

@0:11 –  K-pop fans are also  very excited to this international boy band that will perform today, Kuya Kim. [kuya – tagalog word for older brother]

@0:20 – F.T. Island! meaning 5 Treasure Island.

@0:27 –  Ok “madlang” people, what are we going to say to them??

@0:33 –  [audience are starting to scream “oink” — sound of the pig. LOLS]

@0:40 –  [singing the “magpasikat” theme song]

Magpasikat,…In here, all of us are Famous.

@0:50 –  shown are the various fanclubs of F.T. Island here in the philippines

@1:41 –  there, you can clearly see the lyrics of their song OST from “You’re Beautiful” drama of Lee Hong Ki.

@1:45 – [ Lee Hong Kis is Hawt!! *drools*]
@6:12 –  [that’s the bouncer, keeping the fans away from  the stage – they might jump over f.t. island…(which i would do if i’m there.lols)]

@6:20 –  Lee Hong Ki said: “I Love You!”

@6:32 –  The winning group for the day. We will be able to know when Showtime returns.

pls. credit me if you’re taking this out! thanks!^__^