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[updates] 2ne1 – “Try to Follow Me” on MYX charts

These are 2ne1’s Try to follow me standings on previous episodes of Myx international Hit Chart and Myx Daily top 10.

April 18-24, 2010

Below are the MYX Daily Hit Chart Results

credits: chart central +

2ne1’s “Try to Follow me” on MYX Hit Chart – music channel in the Philippines

blackjacks!! Congratulations for 2ne1 entering at the 12th spot on MYX International Hit Chart –the only music channel in the Philippines.^_^. this is showing the weekly standing of the international songs by voting through texting or requests.

MYX HIT Chart for April4-10. 2010

source: MYX

Here are the Daily charts:

April- 9 -2010

April 8 2010

April 7 2010

April 6 2010