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I like Miss A, JYP Entertainment’s Newest Girl Group

Miss A (Fei, Min, Jia & Suzy)

I’m lovin’ this girl group right now, Miss A – Made in Asia, from JYP entertainment. JYP entertainment is one of the biggest company in South Korea holding the biggest stars today like Wonder Girls, 2pm & 2am. I like Miss A, they’re different from the rest of the girl groups. When I like a group, it’s more on their talents, singing and dancing capability rather than their physical features. There are so many girl groups today, that even though they existed for more than 2 years, they can’t REALLY dance nor sing well live on stage. (but they became famous thoug because of their growing fanbase). I just wish Miss A will win a mutizen award, that’ll make them stand out from the rest of the groups who just debuted today (infinite, teen top, sistar, Girl’s day, etc.) Every week, I always anticipate their performance from Mnet Countdown, Music Core, Music Bank & SBS Inkigayo.  They never fail my expectations everytime they perform.

Here’s Miss A’s latest performance:

SBS Inkigayo Miss A – Good Girl Bad girl

credits: crazycarrot

Good Girl Bad Girl – Music Video

A little Biography:


Birthday: April 27, 1987
Nationality: Chinese
Height / Weight: 164cm / 46kg
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean
Experience: 2010 Anycall Ads



Birthday: Feb 3, 1989
Nationality: Chinese
Height / Weight: 164cm / 45kg
Language: Chinese, Korean
Experience: 2010 Anycall Ads



Birthday: April 21, 1991
Nationality: Korean
Height / Weight: 161cm / 45kg
Language: Chinese, Korean
Experience: JYP USA trainee 5 years



Birthday: Oct 10, 1994
Nationality: Korean
Height / Weight: 166cm / 46kg
Language: Chinese, Korean
Experience: 2010 Anycall Ads

credits: Big face @ soompi

Come Play With The Wonder Girls! + Join the Wonder Girls Photo Remixing Contest!

I’m so honored to share MTV Iggy’s Wave 3 of Wonder Girls!

Yay!. Here’s the exclusive picture they gave to me. The pretty Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls

The five retro-glam cuties from the Wonder Girls are huge pop sensations in Korea and Asia, and are beginning the rumblings of an American takeover as well. In just a few short years, the Wonder Girls have had multiple hits in Korea, and their signature ’60s style and gorgeous voices brought them worldwide attention. During the summer of 2009, the Wonder Girls toured with The Jonas Brothers and hit cities across the US with the hottest K-pop boy group 2PM! Now in 2010, they’re gearing up to blow up, performing with Justin Bieber and adding 2AM to their tour. They’ve also evolved as fashion icons: In their new single “2 Different Tears,” the Wonder Girls fast-forward their retro aesthetic, jumping two decades to the ’80s. Watch them as they even make acid-wash look cute.

Roll call! Sun “The Boss,” Sohee “Dumpling,” Yenny “The Queen,” Yubin the “Romantic Jock,” and the newest member Lim will knock your socks off. We ❤ the Wonder Girls, and all summer long we’re going to be giving up the exclusives: photos, videos, and more…


Wish you were at the Summer Fun photo shoot with the Wonder Girls?

Maybe you saw our video with the girls where they talked about Justin Bieber, or you disagree with Sun’s opinion about the hottest member of 2PM. Maybe you think they needed different props or prettier backgrounds in the photoshoot. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!”

Well, It’s not too late.

“Impossible!” — You.

“Possible, with technology!” — Us.

In this MTV Iggy exclusive, we’re giving you K-pop fans the opportunity to use your creativity and editing skills to come up with a uniquely personalized Wonder Girls photo.

More info on Photos remixing Contest


Join before July 26!!

2ne1 teases for 2ne1TV Season 2

My girls will be back!

yey! i’m so excited to see for the season 2 of 2ne1 tv. it’s nice to see them working on with their daily lives. I love how they show their closeness to each and everyone especially CL to teddy! and Dara’s dorky actions. Bom’s cute expressions and Maknae minzy’s awesome dance moves.^_^

n top of Se7en, Gummy, Teddy, and YG getting their own TV show, it looks like 2NE1 will be returning to the small screen with season 2 of their popular reality show, 2NE1TV.From the teaser, the girls look like they’re having a ton of fun doing various activities from taking pictures in their hotel room, walking around with yellow umbrellas, playing on the playground, and even driving a nice car! Fans will get to watch some of 2NE1’s best everyday moments not usually seen and with most of their footage centered on their recent trips to America.

The show is likely to have a similar concept to 2NE1TV as Dara said on her phone at the end, “Yes, Yes, 2NE1TV Season 2 has just started.”

The first episode will air on July 27th, so stay tuned!

source: allkpop

“Seoul CF” Behind the scenes with Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls behind the scens while filming the CF

Hye lim with yoobin

credits: iloveyoobin