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Goo Hye Sun on Rated K: March 7, 2010 + Eng Sub

Hello guys! I know, it’s kinda late but still I want to translate and share this to you.^_^. Goo Hye Sun was featured on Rated K (one of the shows in ABS-CBN Channel here in philippines) —Click the link for more info.

Korina, the host of the show, went to Korea to feature their culture and some successful Filipinos who have worked there.

Here’s the vid:

credits: maiminsun


@ 0:04 – Same in our country, the stars/celebrities in Korea are also crazed by fans.
@ 0:10 – The cinemas are always full of people watching and we all know that the Superstars here in Korea are also Superstars in our place
@ 0:21 – Did you know that?. Rated K got a chance to have an exclusive, with the only flower surrounded by 4 handsome guys, F4, in the Hit TV Show “Boys over Flowers”
@ 0:34 – Now, let’s meet closer, the singer-actress, Goo Hye Sun in “Korina meets Jandi”
@ 0:43 – [Hye Sun is speaking “Mahal ko Kayo, Kapamilya” which means “I love you, my family”

———I’ll just go to the Interview part (Goo Hye Sun’s voice was dubbed in tagalog)————

@ 2:12 – [Hye Sun]Annyeong Haseyo! Ms. Goo. Thank you very much
@2:17 – Can I just call you “Jan Di”? Because you’re really known as “Jan Di” in the Philippines.

@2:22 – [Hye Sun] It’s fine with me. Ok.
@2:25 – Jan Di, did you know that you’re really famous in the Philippines because of Boys over Flowers?
@2:31 – [Hye Sun]I’ve heard about it, that it was shown in the Philippines. I didn’t expect that they’ll like our drama and I’m very happy about that news. Thank you so much for coming here.
@ 3:08 – Now that the Boys over Flowers is ending, are you still able to talk to F4? Do you have a favorite F4 like Jun Pyo? Are you really close with Jun Pyo? Are you still communicating?
@ 3:21 – [Hye Sun]Ah, I Still see everyone of them because I became close to them. Sometimes we call each other.

@ 3:33 – So what do you think of Jun Pyo? In the Philippines, they like the Love team
@ 3:40 – [Hye Sun]Really? Thank you!
@ 3:46 – So, are you close to JunPyo?

@ 3:49 – [Hye Sun]Compared to the 4 of them, Jun Pyo and I are closer because we often have a scene together so the longer it is, the closer we become
@ 4:25 – What is the comparison of the character “Jan Di”  to the real “Ms. Goo”?
@ 4:36 – [Hye Sun]I’m also the same in real life. Just like her. Brave, if I know it’s right, I’ll fight for it. We’re also both smart and strong. They even said that I adopted Jandi’s character even though the program has ended. It’s just like me, still.

@ 5:04 – We also heard that you want to be a director, why do you want to be a director?

@ 5:06 -[Hye Sun] It has long been my dream to become a director. The more I stayed in this industry, the more I’m inspired by the directors on how they were able to create nice movies. I also think that I should try it so I was able to make an Independent Film

@ 5:29 – Do you have a boyfriend?

@ 5:31 -[Hye Sun] Nope, I don’t have any.

@ 5:36 – Why don’t you have  a boyfriend?

@ 5:36 – [Hye Sun] Maybe, I got busy from a lot of work and I don’t have time for that. I have one before but if I’ll be lucky I’ll try this year. (laughs)

@ 6:03 – [Hye Sun] I don’t think of that matter (getting married) as of now especially that my parents won’t allow me because I’m too young for that.

credit me if taken out^_^

2pm’s 3rd Single “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” + Without You MV

2Pm is HOT

Hello hottest and to all 2pm fans out there! I fell in love more to 2pm! Becuase of the latest single they release.  They’re grown up now and really matured, you can really see the difference from their “10 out of 10” debut.^_^. Things have changed a lot since September 4, 2009 and everyone seems to move on especially their former leader “jay”. (so now jay’s gone, who’s the next leader?). Until now, 2pm hasn’t said or talked about anything about who their new leader is.

This is just a poll. Nothing else.. peace!^_^

Here’s their latest music video: Without U (It should be “I’m gonna be Okay”)

credits: kpopsub1

I love the setting for this mv. black rains, piano and the Hotties^_^. Among the 6, i notice Wooyoung has improved a lot, well in terms of muscles!..hehe^^.. My Fave  line: “Everything Happens for a Reason”. <– my motto in life.. and that’s true everything really happens for a reason that’s why there’s the thing called “coincidence”. Fans may have been been hurt for what happened to 2pm but maybe it’s for the BEST. I really wish in the future, hopefully that they’ll release a story version of their mv’s.. coz you’ll love the song more if there’s a story behind it rather than pure dancing.

In my opinion, this song relates to a fan awaiting for 2pm to be 7 again but sadly it didn’t happened. It’s like a cheer song for a sad fan that has to move on.^_^

2pm – “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”

credits: cconed

woah, i just love the fighting spirit of 2pm! the struggles they’ve been through only made them stronger^_^.

I love this song so much.  It’s a song for their haters and everyone who wants to put them down. The people who were once fans and now are anti’s.^_^


So we don’t Stop

We Can’t Stop

Until we Reach the TOP!

[updates] 2ne1 – “Try to Follow Me” on MYX charts

These are 2ne1’s Try to follow me standings on previous episodes of Myx international Hit Chart and Myx Daily top 10.

April 18-24, 2010

Below are the MYX Daily Hit Chart Results

credits: chart central +

2ne1’s “Try to Follow me” on MYX Hit Chart – music channel in the Philippines

blackjacks!! Congratulations for 2ne1 entering at the 12th spot on MYX International Hit Chart –the only music channel in the Philippines.^_^. this is showing the weekly standing of the international songs by voting through texting or requests.

MYX HIT Chart for April4-10. 2010

source: MYX

Here are the Daily charts:

April- 9 -2010

April 8 2010

April 7 2010

April 6 2010

Kpop Scene: Legends are Coming back!

Confirmed Dates:

Rain – comeback album
– special album Back to the Basic scheduled to drop on Apr 7
– announced upcoming special album release via website Mar 15, confirms Apr 1 release & two-month-long promotions
– first Love Story MV teaser revealed on Mar 22
– Han Ye Seul confirmed to star alongside Rain for Love Story MV on Mar 24
– tracklist revealed on Mar 24
– title ballad track The Song That Will Get You confirmed on Mar 25
– second MV teaser for Love Story revealed on Mar 28
– 50-second Love Story audio teaser revealed on Mar 29
– album release & live comeback pushed back to April 7 due to naval ship tragedy & show cancellations

Lee Hyori – comeback album
– 4th album H-Logic scheduled to drop on April 8
– finishes recording album on Mar 2
– Apr 2 comeback date announced on Mar 24
– first concept photo & video teaser released on Mar 28
– tracklist revealed on Mar 31
– Swing audio & MV released on Apr 1

Secret – comeback mini-album
– mini-album Secret Time released on Apr 1
– confirmed comeback on Mar 21
– jacket photo revealed on Mar 23
– composers revealed on Mar 25
– Magic MV teaser revealed on Mar 28
– album release pushed to Apr 6 due to album design issues
– Magic MV released on Mar 31
– album still released on Apr 1

Park Myung Soo – comeback track
– digital single scheduled to drop on April 5
– leaked (by the man himself) on Mar 31

2NE1 – comeback album
– full album for 2009 officially delayed on Oct 24
– Apr 1 statement announced comeback (see third section)

Chung Lim – comeback mini-album
– 2nd mini-album Show Up scheduled to drop on Apr 6
– MV teaser to be released on Apr 1

Concrete Information TBA:

Son Dambi – comeback album pushed March comeback to April
Davichi – announced comeback
Seo In Kook – album scheduled for April release
Ivy – digital single scheduled for late April release
Rainbow – producer Steven Lee reveals that 1st album in the works
2PM – announced April album on Jan 6 (may be a single; possibly postponed)
MBLAQ – announced upcoming second single release via website on Mar 15
Baek Ji Young – comeback single
Uhm Jung Hwa – comeback
SHINee – comeback album
Dok2 – comeback

Beyond April:
May: Wonder Girls, SS501 (May 1), Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior
August: BoA (Aug 25)
Misc: Se7en (May/June), Gummy (spring/summer), Big Bang (Taeyang: spring/summer, group: summer, TOP, Daesung, Seungri: fall/winter)

source: allkpop

Surely, this year would be a tough fight for korean artists. did you see?. The legends are coming back!!.. wohoo!!

And they are Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Super Junior, Boa, Rain, 2pm, se7en, lee hyori and 2ne1^__^.

Wonder why i call them the legends??. Not only they are super famous but among other group/artist, they’re the ones who achieved the most out of being singers.

Boa – (duh?) she’s the most powerful artist in asia (no doubt)

Rain – Have you seen his movie? Ninja Assasin. (singer turned actor)

Wonder Girls – the only GIRL group who got in the American Bill board (charts) The most successful girl group in Korea

2pm – Artist of the year 2009

Big Bang and Super Junior are well, exceptional singers.

2ne1 – Super Rookies.. they’ve just in the scene for 11 months and attained so many achievements such as “song of the year” from their song “I don’t Care”, best mv…. when they debuted they already won several chart wins in music bank, sbs and music core

I really can’t wait for wonder girls to comeback, I miss them so much. They’ve been absent for more than a year and so many singers are sprouting in the kpop industry. I say, they’re the most bankable stars, when they left Kara took charge of the “kara bakery” <– from “wonder bakery” and 2ne1 in Baskin Robbins. This year is sure a very tough one for all other artist out there. (where’s SNSD by the way?- don’t you think it’s the best time for them to show that they’re really good singers with lots of fans?)it would’ve been nice if they’ll also join the legend comebacks coz i notice that the reason they’re winning is because no other great artist are there/present and promoting a song…