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Wonder Girls @ EXR Runway Party 052810


L-R: Sohee, Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Hye Lim & Yoobin


Hye Lim

So hee

Sun Ye

Ye Eun

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Wonder Girls “2 Different Tears” Performances May 27-29, 2010 + Photos

KBS Music Bank May 28, 2010

credits: unknowncarrot110

MBC Music Core May 29,2010

credits: sailorpuppup

Mnet M! Countdown May 27, 2010 + winning Mutizen Award

credits: bigbangshinee

Mnet Countdown May 27, 2010 Photos

L-R: Sohee, Sun ye, Ye Eun, Hye Lim & Yoobin

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Wonder Girls Performing Nobody & Two Different Tears @ The Jonas Brothers Free Concert @ The Grove

Wonder Girls Performing Nobody & Two Different Tears @ The Jonas Brothers Free Concert @ The Grove

The South Korean girl group Wonder Girls was the opening act for The Jonas Brothers Free Concert at The Grove in Los Angeles.

credits: the fashion patrol

L-R: Hye Lim, Sohee, Sun Ye, Yenny, Yoobin

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MTV IGGY Exclusive Behind the Scenes Shoot with the Wonder Girls

Behind the scenes photos of wonder girls for MTV IGGY. The staff had a lot of fun during this photoshoot, visit MTV IGGY for comments behind the pictures.

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Want to meet Wonder Girls in Malaysia?

Sony Ericsson Malaysia wants to know how much do you want to meet the girls themselves in person!
All Wonderfuls out there, let’s help our Malaysian Wonderfuls!

Simply visit Sony Ericsson Malaysia facebook page OR click on the image above


Wonder Girls CD Pictures [10P]

Wonder girls photos from their latest album “2 Different Tears”

Album Cover

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Wonder Girls on KBS Win Win – HQ pics.

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Wonder Girls @ Dream Concert – fanpics.

Fanphotos of the girls during dream concert held last May 22, 2010. Live broadcast: May 31, 2010


So hee

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M!Countdown WG performing “2 Different Tears” [16p]

Official photos of wonder girls from Mnet^_^

Wonder Girls

U-Kiss postpones their Philippines concert

U-kiss Concert Poster

U-Kiss fans who were looking forward to seeing their idols perform live in front of them this Saturday at the Araneta Coliseum in Philippines will just have to wait it out a little longer after it was postponed to June.

The U-Kiss members who have been sacrificing their sleep and practising for long hours and fans who have waited for a long time for this concert on May 29th have been left disappointed at this latest outcome which was delivered by the local concert organizers on May 25th, just four days before the actual concert.

U-Kiss member, Alexander and his father have tweeted about their disappointment but is optimistic that the show will still go on at a later date and hopes that fans will understand. Regardless, let’s just be patient and wait for good news.

Many thanks to Pongky for the information.

source: allkpop

Wonder Girls comeback Performances

I already posted their first comeback performance which got a lot of photos.^_^. They appeared on 3 more shows which are KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo.^_^ I love their performance, sohee’s voice has improved a lot and yoobin lose weight.^_^

052110 – KBS Music Bank

052210 - mbc music core

052210 – MBC Music Core



052310 – SBS Inkigayo

all video credit: crazycarrot310

Wonder Girls do group rope skipping for Win Win [31P]

We have seen SNSD’s Taeyeon hit the drums, Rain wrestling on the streets and SNSD doing the limbo for KBS2TV’s Win Win corner, Keep the Promise Project. The Wonder Girls was the next guest on this corner and what will they be tasked to do?

And just to explain this Keep the Promise Project corner, it offers netizens to pledge to perform anything of bizarre nature, in exchange with the celebrity committing something out-of-normal as well.

So for the Wonder Girls, they appeared in front of the COEX building on the night of May 21st to do group rope skipping in public with selected participants. It was a great chance for fans to get up close with the Wonder Girls especially when the latter have been away from Korea for such a long time.

This will be shown through Win Win on May 25th.

source: allkpop

L to R: Yenny & Sohee


Hye Lim and Sohee

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Wonder Girls @ I love Korea Dream Concert 052210 [vid+pic]

Photos and video of Wonder Girls performing their song “2 Different Tears” during the I love Korea 2010 Dream Concert. ^_^

fancam of Wonder Girls performing Nobody, 2 different tears, tell me and so hot

credits: Pike yenny

L to R: Sohee, Sunye, Ye Eun, Hye Lim and Yoobin

credit as tagged +

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears Comeback 052010 @ Mnet Countdown + [46P]

Wonder girls first appearance in korea performing their latest song “2 different tears”. After being gone for a year, they’re back with a new member, Hye Lim!^_^. Enjoy the video and the photos^_^

credits: ShawnHei22


Leader: Sun Ye

Rapper: Yoobin

Ye Eun / Yenny

new member: Hye Lim

So Hee

2 Different Tears – Wonder Girls MV [review]

2 Different tears album cover

The Wonder Girls are back!

Yey! They’re officialy back with a new song entitled “2 different tears” and with new member Hye Lim. I miss Sun Mi and it’s so sad to see WG’s new mv without her. Anyways, life must go on!. Hye Lim, somehow reminds me of Sun mi, her voice is like the combination of sohee’s and sun mi’s. I like her though she got a lot of haters when she joined wg, she’s good in speaking english and chinese (her english is even more fluent that Yenny). During their english interviews, it’s always Yenny who speaks a lot, but the one who’s good in it is Hye Lim. They should put more spotlight on Lim, sinc she’s new.^_^.

I like their new song “2 different tears”, sounds almost the same with their bad boy song.  But I don’t like their MV, I don’t like the Alien spy concept thingy… I like their costume for their new song, it’s more colorful than in their nobody concept. My fave is Yenny’s costume, blue glitters that matches to her nails^_^. I hope they’re going to release more songs soon! I prefer 3 different songs in korean than 3 songs in different languages.

Can’t wait for their comeback!. Looking forward to their costumes especially the WIGS!!

Enjoy the video^_^




credits: wondergirls

Album launch party

credits: GardinerSisters

2 Different Tears promotion Interview by Goom Radio

Our Favorite girl group, Wonder Girls had their first radio interview after releasing their song “2 different tears”. And they’re speaking in EnglisH!.  Thanks GOOM for the interview! This is much easier than hearing the girls in korean and reading the english subs.  Although they’re not that fluent yet in speaking english, they’re improving^_^.

Here’s the vid:

Wonder Girls during the Goom Radio Interview

was a great interview, the girls talked about their most challenging
moments during their career, what they would be if they weren’t
singers, and most importantly, their new album ‘ 2 Different Tears! ‘ –
Other talking points included their favorite Shinee member, their new
concept, and what they enjoy about New York City.

source: Goom

Introducing “XLR8”, 8-member Filipino boy band

The first filipino boy band to debut this  year!^_^.  XLR8 consists of 8 members namely ADRIAN MUHLACH, ARKIN DEL ROSARIO, CALEB SANTOS, CARLO LAZERNA, HIDEAKI TORIO, FRANCIS ALBERT RAMOS “KIKO”, MELJOHN OR MJ MAGNO, MM MAGNO. XLR8 (pronounced as accelerate) is an 8-member boy group from the Philippines created by Viva Records. It took Viva one year of auditions, dance and voice training and to find the right songs for the boys from producers Christian de Walden and Marcus Davis. (credits: angelotan)




I first heard them on candy pastel’s site. I got excited and anticipated their debut since magno is one of the members.  I like him coz he’s good in singing and dancing. (saw it on youtbe/friendster i think). But when I saw them on Party Pilipinas (i accidentally switch the channel coz commercial pa sa ABS), I was totally surprise!.  I thought they got something like the korean boy group.  I think charms and looks is all they got.  I’m not saying they can’t sing, it’s like they can sing and dance but compared to korean boy group, they’re absolutely nothing.  Their song is catchy but I really don’t like it coz it’s a copycat song. The tune is the same with Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry. They dance well but they don’t dance together.  Pop Girls are even better than XLR8, at least their song is ‘original’.  I say, they BADLY need a practice!! (if they want to level up to korean boy bands).  Clearly 1 yr.  training is not enough for them to be successful as kpop band.

I’m just stating my opinions on this new boy group. Hopefully in the future, they’ll do better. go go go XLR8!!

They should also appear in ABS-CBN not only in GMA because one channel is not enough to show Philippine’s pride.^_^

Album List

  1. You’re So Hot
  2. Dance With Me
  3. For You
  4. I Love You Girl
  5. I’ll Be There
  6. Tonight’s The Night
  7. I Wish Lang
  8. She Was Mine
  9. Anyway
  10. Ms. Beautiful
  11. Precious Love
  12. Money, Money

Official “You’re So Hot” Music Video by: XLR8

“You’re So Hot” performance

Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry MV —–same tune with “you’re so hot”

IF they want to be known, they should at least get their choreography synchronized like this . lipsynch is fine naman eh..

Performing “I love you Girl” in Party Pilipinas

-Lipsynching! they’re so cute and handsome! (but the performance is not)

XLR8 Fanatic? Join them on Facebook







U-Kiss Major Concert in Manila

Like what they said in Party Pilipinas, “We’ll be back for a concert”, they’re really  back and be the 2nd korean boy band to held a concert here in Philippines.

I’m happy that they chose to have a concert here in the Philippines despite the negative comment they got from Mo Twister which rage not only the Filipino fans but also the korean fans.


After the 3-day successful promotional tour of U-Kiss held in SM Malls last March 26-28. They were all coming back to have their 1st Live Concert in Manila, Philippines along with the Korean Girl Group, 4minute on May 29, 2010 at the Big Dome (Araneta Coliseum). It was said the PEP (Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. ) was the one who organized and make the promotional tour and concert possible.

VIP & Patron-6500
Upper Box A- 4000
Upper box B- 3000
Gen. Admission- 1000

For ticket reservation, you may visit U-kiss Pep Official Fanpage, this is only for those who will be buying Patron tickets while the VIP tickets are being closed according to the admins of U-kiss Pep fanpage. The rest of the tickets will be available on all Ticketnet outlets or you may check the Ticketnet Official Site.

Check out the U-Kiss Philippines Promotional Concert Trailer below.

credits: U-Kiss Pep@Facebook / onlyUkiss1@Youtube

Source: U-Kiss Pep Facebook

Credits: candypastel

SS501 to hold fanmeeting in the Philippines

Be thrilled Ladies coz another Korean boy band will visit Philippines!!  (pls. come to Cebu naman!)

[I was so surprised when I saw SS501’s hit song “Love Like This” in MYX Hit chart.  SS501 has been promoting that song last year in korea so it’s kinda old.  I never thought that there’s some ‘meaning’ behind it. Since filipino kpop fans are trying to get them visit philippines, they should at least show that they’re famous and loved right?


This article was taken from TripleS Philippines Blog regarding SS501’s plans to hold a fanmeeting here in the Philippines this coming July. All details are provided below:

Hi Girls!

We have just learned that there’s an ONGOING NEGOTIATION for a SS501 FanMeet here in the Philippines. Details are TENTATIVE as of the moment, but pretty soon it will be confirmed. Mark you calendars TSPH!

Saturday, July 3, 2010
4:00pm – 7:00pm
Exact Details To Be Announced SOON!

Just so we’re ready by the time they open the ticketing, and so we can block good seats for TSPH, we’d like to open the reservation for the VIP SEAT. Seats are very limited so please DO NOT RESERVE if you don’t intend to get your ticket once it’s out!!! [Sorry but we really have to monitor and control this strictly!] Triple S intends to have a big participation in making this event possible and successful so please COOPERATE.

FYI, Good seats doesn’t mean front row seats as those seats are reserved for investors and major sponsors. If i’m not mistaken, VIP seats will start from CENTER, ROW C onwards.

AGAIN… I just want to reiterate that this reservation is only for those who will avail of the VIP SEAT/S (PHP 5,000.00)

Guys! Please visit to RSVP for the event and confirm your attendance.

For VIP reservations, go to: TSPH FANMEET / REGISTRATION
Note: You have to be a member of TSPH forum to access the thread.

credits: zai_ems + Triple S Philippines Forum

source: candypastel

Wonder Girls LIVE Interview on GOOM Radio! May 13

I’m excited to their huge comeback but quite sad coz they’ll only release 1 song in 3 different languages. I hope wg will release more songs soon!^_^

GOOM Radio (the first Internet radio station to play the Wonder Girls’ breakout single, “Nobody”) and are collaborating together to give fans the chance to speak to The Wonder Girls! The girls will be coming to the GOOM studio this Thursday (4/13) for an interview, and will answer any questions from their fans.  This will be a live show, everyone will be able to to tune in to on Thursday, May 13th between 7-9 PM EST!

Fans will be able to phone in at (201) 332-5980 or Skype by calling “ZangRadio”.

Also, one Soompier in New York will have the opportunity to visit the GOOM studio to meet the Wonder GIrls in Person! If any fans is interested, they can e-mail to explain why they deserve to meet the girls.  They should include in the subject heading “Why I’m the best Soompier to meet the Wonder Girls” and the last day to submit is Wednesday, May 12, at 5PM EST