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Sunye at her father’s funeral wake

Wonder Girl's Leader Sun ye

We reported earlier that Sunye’s father who was suffering from a long term illness had passed away.

Sunye has been at her father’s funeral wake since early morning of June 24th at the Asan Medical Center.

At around 11:10am, one could hear a hymn coming out of the room that Sunye was in. Sunye, who is a devoted Christian, sang with all her heart, and one could hear her genuine emotions of sadness in her hymn.

Later, when Sunye came out of the room and came face to face with the reporters, she looked very pale. She tried to smile, but her smile was as empty as it could get. A reporter said that it seemed like all her energy was drained out.

The wake will take place for three days and on June 26th, Sunye’s father will finally come to rest at the Christian Gold Park.

You may be familiar with Sunye’s passionate love for her father because she had mentioned him quite a few times before. On a recent episode of Family Outing Season 2, Sunye even shed tears while reading a letter to her father.

A representative of JYPE said, “Sunye is going through a very difficult time because her love for her father was exceptional. She cried a lot so she is physically weak as well. We will discuss about Sunye’s schedules and tours at a later date.”

Source: Allkpop

Condolence to Sun Ye…”

News: SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong is spending his vacation in Cebu, Philippines.

Here’s a little info  of Kim Hyun Joong’s whereabouts after he had his concert with B2st @ Araneta Coliseum last Saturday, June 19, 2010. The news comes from “Banat News” newspaper today, June 22, 2010. It’s a local newspaper written in Cebuano/Visayan Language. (It’s not in tagalog the spoken language in Manila aside from English).  I live in Cebu, and was surprised by this news.  He’s probably staying in Imperial Palace Hotel or in Shangri-la Mactan Resort & Spa. They are both famous hotels where most celebrities stay whenever they visit Cebu. Imperial Palace aims to serve korean guests more than local guests because it is owned by a Korean.

"Ji Hoo is in Cebu" by: Banat News

English Translation:

Jihoo is here in Cebu

Kim Hyun Joong or much known as Ji hoo from the popular drama “Boys Over Flowers”  shown in ABS-CBN last year is here in Cebu. He came here via Cebu Pacific Plane last Sunday afternoon from Manila, and was believed to be staying in one of the famous hotels here in Mactan, Lapu-lapu to have his vacation.

English translations by: Ameeh

A little knowledge:

Map of Cebu

On the left picture encirled in Red, that’s where Ji Hoo is currently staying a small island connected by 2 bridges from the province of Cebu surrounded by beaches.

I was shocked/surprised when i read the news, even though he’s staying in the place where I live it would still be difficult to go hunt for him. ROFL.

Kim Hyun Joong! Wherever you are, let me see you before you leave Cebu!^_^

Pls. Credit of taken out!^_^

Updated = MTV Iggy – Summer Fun With The Wonder Girls!

The five retro-glam cuties from the Wonder Girls are huge pop sensations in Korea and Asia, and are beginning the rumblings of an American takeover as well. In just a few short years, the Wonder Girls have had multiple hits in Korea, and their signature ’60s style and gorgeous voices brought them worldwide attention. During the summer of 2009, the Wonder Girls toured with The Jonas Brothers and hit cities across the US with the hottest K-pop boy group 2PM! Now in 2010, they’re gearing up to blow up, performing with Justin Bieber and adding 2AM to their tour. They’ve also evolved as fashion icons: In their new single “2 Different Tears,” the Wonder Girls fast-forward their retro aesthetic, jumping two decades to the ’80s. Watch them as they even make acid-wash look cute.

Roll call! Sun “The Boss,” Sohee “Dumpling,” Yenny “The Queen,” Yubin the “Romantic Jock,” and the newest member Lim will knock your socks off. We ❤ the Wonder Girls, and all summer long we’re going to be giving up the exclusives: photos, videos, and more… Introducing Summer Fun with the Wonder Girls!

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Source: MTV Iggy

Sharing you wonder Girls 1 exclusive picture of Hye Lim shared to my by MTV Iggy. I love that candy ring hye lim’s holding. Thanks MTV Iggy!

Hye Lim

(SS501) Kim Hyun Joong Interviews in Philippines [english subbed)

Yay!. I’m back on Kim Hyun Joong updates after his successful concert with B2ST. Kim Hyun Joong appeared in various shows on GMA and had a few interviews while he was in Manila.  I’m thankful that Kim Hyun Joong & B2st came here in the Philippines. I’m just into SS501 right now, and i’m soo happy to hear their leader coming here although I won’t be able to see him.  The first thing he said when he arrived was that he love the fresh scent of the place. lols. So cute of him to say that^_^

Below are the videos about Kim Hyun Joong:

[Eng Subbed] Kim Hyun Joong in Manila Showbiz Central – 20.06.2010




Kim Hyun Joong & Beast Interview @ Star Talk TX [6/19/10]


K-pop Meets P-pop @ 24 Oras 062010


Now on my comments:

Among all the interviews he had, none of them said anything about him as playing one of the lead role in the famous drama “Boys Over Flowers”. In my opinion, he wouldn’t be that famous without that drama here, even though there are SS501 fans (Triple S). It’s just a sad fact that the hosts can’t say it live on air on how much the Filipinos loved his drama “Boys Over Flowers”. Even so, I hope they were able to tell Kim Hyun Joong about that off-cam. We are happy that another korean celebrity has visited the Philippines, so we are also looking forward not only to their interviews but also on how the hosts treated them. How the MC’s made them feel that they are really popular here in the Philippines.  I just hate it when I hear them mentioning Kim Hyun Joong’s name in a disrespectul way (or so I think). They keep on calling him “Kim” which is his family name.  And for me, it ain’t right. FYI, in Korea, saying the family name alone is very disrespectful, it should be the full name with Mr/Ms. or the Given name.  It’s not only me who got annoyed by this fact, watch those vids on youtube and you’ll see a lot of fans hurt because of the hosts calling Kim Hyun Joong “Kim”.  It’s not hard to pronounce “Hyun Joong” right?.  For the Host’s mistake not to happen again, they should do a research and learn to respect.  All of the interviews done by Kim Hyun Joong are from GMA by the way.

Just like ABS-CBN, when 4Minute performed in Wowowee, Mariel (the host of Wowowee), though having a hard time pronouncing their names did her best to say it in the right and respectful manner. So I say, GMA, do your research and learn from ABS-CBN

Watch out for the Second Wave of “MTV Iggy Presents: Summer Fun With The Wonder Girls”

Hello Wonderfuls! Missing Wonder girls now?.

It’s only been a short time since they promoted their “2 different tears” in korea so I’m sure a lot of you miss wonder Girls badly like me!. Well, don’t you worry guys,  MTV IGGY has something  to keep us from missing our girls. They’ll have a BIG launch on their second wave featuring Wonder Girls in “MTV Iggy Presents: Summer Fun With The Wonder Girls”.  That would be this Monday! June 21, 2010, so stay tune for more exclusive mtv iggy one on one with the Wonder Girls! Don’t forget to visit MTV IGGY for more Wonder girls’ updates/news/photos.^_^

Have Fun!

Enjoy these Wonder Girls goodies Exclusive from MTV IGGY.

AF’s first Subgroup Orange Caramel Debuts on Music Bank with “Magic Girl”

After School’s first subgroup composed of Lizzy, Nana and Raina finally debuted on Music bank with their song “Magic Girl”. These 3 girls were the last to join the Afterschool.

Left to Right" Raina, Nana Lizzy

I’m happy that there’s a subgroup of Afterschool, it’s an oppurtunity for these girls to show more of their talent. I hope all groups would be like them, you know,  showcasing more of the individual member’s singing and dancing talents. Just like 2ne1, they got a chance to have solo songs like Dara’s “Kiss” and Bom’s “You and I” also Minzy and leader cl’s “Please Don’t Go”. ^_^ The concept is awesome, kawaii, japanese inspired costumes for Orange Caramel.

Orange Caramel's RAINA

Orange Caramel's NANA

Orange Caramel's LIZZY

KBS Music Bank June 18, 2010

credits: unknowncarrot120

Orange Caramel’s Magic Girl MV

credits: AznsamManTV

A member from CNBLue guested in this MV. It’s so pink, so cute, so kawaii!. Love it!

Afterschool has 8 members namely Kahi(Leader), Jung Ah, Joo Yeon, Bekha, Nana, UEE, Lizzy and Raina

Afterschool's promotional photos for "Bang!"

Left to Right: Kahi(leader), Lizzy, Nana, Raina, Kim Jung Ah, Bekha, UEE, So Young


Wonder Girls’s Kim Yoo Bin poses for Oh Boy! Magazine

Scan photos of kim yoobin from Oh Boy! Magazine.

credit as tagged