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Rain & U-Kiss for Intensity in the Philippines + Update News!

Many K-pop stars have been making their way over to the Philippines to put on a number of special performances, and the trend continues with a special event titled Intensity presented by Smart and TV5.

Worldwide superstar Rain and popular idol group U-Kiss will head on over to the Philippines on September 11th to perform for fans at the SM Mall of Asia at 8PM promptly, including special guest Christian Bautista.

It’s a night to remember, so if you live in the area, be sure to check out further information in the promotional poster above!

source: kingpolo@allkpop]


A week before Rain’s concert in the Philippines, he actually came here in Cebu! Yes, here in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.  He stayed for 5 days in IP Hotel and left for Manila. He arrived last Sept. 2 and went to Manila on Sept. 8… I’m not kidding guys, I have a close friend whose working on that famous Korean hotel. ^_^ (Sadly, I wasn’t able to see him, the place is too far from my home)

Goo Hye Sun on Rated K: March 7, 2010 + Eng Sub

Hello guys! I know, it’s kinda late but still I want to translate and share this to you.^_^. Goo Hye Sun was featured on Rated K (one of the shows in ABS-CBN Channel here in philippines) —Click the link for more info.

Korina, the host of the show, went to Korea to feature their culture and some successful Filipinos who have worked there.

Here’s the vid:

credits: maiminsun


@ 0:04 – Same in our country, the stars/celebrities in Korea are also crazed by fans.
@ 0:10 – The cinemas are always full of people watching and we all know that the Superstars here in Korea are also Superstars in our place
@ 0:21 – Did you know that?. Rated K got a chance to have an exclusive, with the only flower surrounded by 4 handsome guys, F4, in the Hit TV Show “Boys over Flowers”
@ 0:34 – Now, let’s meet closer, the singer-actress, Goo Hye Sun in “Korina meets Jandi”
@ 0:43 – [Hye Sun is speaking “Mahal ko Kayo, Kapamilya” which means “I love you, my family”

———I’ll just go to the Interview part (Goo Hye Sun’s voice was dubbed in tagalog)————

@ 2:12 – [Hye Sun]Annyeong Haseyo! Ms. Goo. Thank you very much
@2:17 – Can I just call you “Jan Di”? Because you’re really known as “Jan Di” in the Philippines.

@2:22 – [Hye Sun] It’s fine with me. Ok.
@2:25 – Jan Di, did you know that you’re really famous in the Philippines because of Boys over Flowers?
@2:31 – [Hye Sun]I’ve heard about it, that it was shown in the Philippines. I didn’t expect that they’ll like our drama and I’m very happy about that news. Thank you so much for coming here.
@ 3:08 – Now that the Boys over Flowers is ending, are you still able to talk to F4? Do you have a favorite F4 like Jun Pyo? Are you really close with Jun Pyo? Are you still communicating?
@ 3:21 – [Hye Sun]Ah, I Still see everyone of them because I became close to them. Sometimes we call each other.

@ 3:33 – So what do you think of Jun Pyo? In the Philippines, they like the Love team
@ 3:40 – [Hye Sun]Really? Thank you!
@ 3:46 – So, are you close to JunPyo?

@ 3:49 – [Hye Sun]Compared to the 4 of them, Jun Pyo and I are closer because we often have a scene together so the longer it is, the closer we become
@ 4:25 – What is the comparison of the character “Jan Di”  to the real “Ms. Goo”?
@ 4:36 – [Hye Sun]I’m also the same in real life. Just like her. Brave, if I know it’s right, I’ll fight for it. We’re also both smart and strong. They even said that I adopted Jandi’s character even though the program has ended. It’s just like me, still.

@ 5:04 – We also heard that you want to be a director, why do you want to be a director?

@ 5:06 -[Hye Sun] It has long been my dream to become a director. The more I stayed in this industry, the more I’m inspired by the directors on how they were able to create nice movies. I also think that I should try it so I was able to make an Independent Film

@ 5:29 – Do you have a boyfriend?

@ 5:31 -[Hye Sun] Nope, I don’t have any.

@ 5:36 – Why don’t you have  a boyfriend?

@ 5:36 – [Hye Sun] Maybe, I got busy from a lot of work and I don’t have time for that. I have one before but if I’ll be lucky I’ll try this year. (laughs)

@ 6:03 – [Hye Sun] I don’t think of that matter (getting married) as of now especially that my parents won’t allow me because I’m too young for that.

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2ne1’s “Try to Follow me” on MYX Hit Chart – music channel in the Philippines

blackjacks!! Congratulations for 2ne1 entering at the 12th spot on MYX International Hit Chart –the only music channel in the Philippines.^_^. this is showing the weekly standing of the international songs by voting through texting or requests.

MYX HIT Chart for April4-10. 2010

source: MYX

Here are the Daily charts:

April- 9 -2010

April 8 2010

April 7 2010

April 6 2010

F.T. Island in Philippines [Showtime Performance] + with english subs

yeye!! Finally all 5 members of F.T. Island visited Philippines!!.. Before it was F.T. Triple who went to Cebu to film for their MV. ^__^. Today, I’m giving you guys an english sub for their first live performance here in philippines. I do have a youtube account but it’s for nail art purposes [keke]..^^.. They performed in SHOWTIME – it’s a variety program showcasing Filipino talents. It’s like a dance or singing contest composing of 10 members at least. TOwards the end of the show, there’s always a celebrity performing, showing his/her talents in comedy, dancing and singing. In the show they had, F.T. Island. Click the word if you want to know more about showtime.^__^

credits: kyungmin78

@0:04 –  Welcome back to showtime!

@0:06 –  Are the “madlang” people excited?

@0:11 –  K-pop fans are also  very excited to this international boy band that will perform today, Kuya Kim. [kuya – tagalog word for older brother]

@0:20 – F.T. Island! meaning 5 Treasure Island.

@0:27 –  Ok “madlang” people, what are we going to say to them??

@0:33 –  [audience are starting to scream “oink” — sound of the pig. LOLS]

@0:40 –  [singing the “magpasikat” theme song]

Magpasikat,…In here, all of us are Famous.

@0:50 –  shown are the various fanclubs of F.T. Island here in the philippines

@1:41 –  there, you can clearly see the lyrics of their song OST from “You’re Beautiful” drama of Lee Hong Ki.

@1:45 – [ Lee Hong Kis is Hawt!! *drools*]
@6:12 –  [that’s the bouncer, keeping the fans away from  the stage – they might jump over f.t. island…(which i would do if i’m there.lols)]

@6:20 –  Lee Hong Ki said: “I Love You!”

@6:32 –  The winning group for the day. We will be able to know when Showtime returns.

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PEP brings U-Kiss to Manila

Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. (PEP) brings Korean “super idol band” U-Kiss to Manila for the very first time for a series of special mall shows on March 26, 27, and 28. This is in line with the promotion of the band’s full-length, solo concert here in the country that will happen this June.

U-Kiss is composed of Alexander, Kevin, Dong Ho, Eli, Ki Bum, Hyun, and Ki Seob. The band debuted in Atamai, Japan at “The Second Power of Atamix ’08” and this paved the way form a successful solo show in Hamamatsucho, Japan. Since then, the band released 3 singles and their current full-length studio album “Without You” is rapidly climbing the charts of various Asian countries. U-Kiss is also given the Best New Artist award at the “Asian Song Festival” in 2008.

Members Kevin and Alexander are chosen as VJs for Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” while Dong Ho is currently a member of the “Unrivalled Baseball Team.”

PEP chairman Joong Ku says that U-Kiss is the first of the many Korean stars that his company will bring to the Philippines. PEP is currently under negotiations in bringing Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 to the country.

PEP will also collaborate with local film and TV productions in strengthening the cultural and artistic interaction between Korea and thePhilippines.

Source: Manila Bulletin

U-Kiss Mall Tour in the Philippines


Introducing “Pop Girls” – Philippine’s first pop girl group

hello everyone!.

I just read around the internet that there’s already a girl group here in the philippines that has debuted. I searched for their identity and found an article about them. Please read this first to know them better.

Philippine pop music goes through a refreshing rebirth with the emergence of the newest girl group of five teenage scene with compelling charm, striking style and total talent.

Aptly, christened Pop Girls, the group is an outcome of the collaboration of two of the most influential names in the music industry-recording magnate Boss Vic del Rosario who was responsible for creating the biggest multimedia stars of the country such as Sharon Cuneta, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Sarah Geronimo, among others; and topnotch dancer/choreographer Geleen Eugenio who honed the dancing skills of celebrities like Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor and brought Universal Motion Dancers to the peak of the their career.

Seeing the young as consistently plausible target, Boss Vic challenges Geleen to form a group of appealing young girls who are all exceptional in singing and dancing. Though she was set to leave for the US then, Geleen decided to forgo her initial plan to accept the project and called for an audition.

There were more than fifty hopefuls but only five passed the rigid screening. But the final decision came about when Boss Vic actually saw the chosen girls perform. He was swyaed right away with each of the girls that they were immediately awarded both management and recording contracts.

The fabulous five who make up POP GIRLS are twins Lai and Mar, both aged 16 and half Lebanese; Half Filipino, half Dutch Rose, 13 years old; Half Filipino, half Swiss Schai, 14 years old; the only pure Filipino in the group.

Though coming from various lineages, the girls perfectly jive together to form a melodic clique that is POP GIRLS. This impression is also very much in tune with the album the girls are now working on. Boss Vic has gathered renowed international producers Christian de Walden and Marcus Davis, along with local producer Civ Fontanilla, to pitch in their expertise to create one world class debut album.

The debut album echoes the sound that is distinctly POP GIRLS– youthful, sweet, light, infections… with catchy beat that would make everyone groove and uncomplicated lyrics that would make everyone sing along. The songs mirror the colorful life of the young with themes such as puppy love, shopping, dancing, and basically having fun!

Now nearing its final stage of completion, the album is composed of 13 tracks, mostly original ones such as Crazy For You, and upbeat song by Marcus and Amber Davis and Crushy, written by Geleen Eugenio herself. Also included are covers of hits such as Urong-Sulong and Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso.

POP GIRLS indeed is the new face of music and sound of Philippine Pop Music. The teenage group is undoubtedly at par,
or even better than the rest of the Asian groups which continue to invaded the music scene today. POP GIRLS seals the country’s rightful claim to P-POP as the new nickname for Philippine Pop Music to reflect the youthful flair of the group and the music, very much in the tradition of Korea’s K-Pop and Japan’s J-POP.

And as for LAi, Mar, Rose, Schai, and Nadine, these girls now become the new wholesome and well- educated trendsetters of the youth in the country, not only in terms of song, dance, and music but in personality and lifestyle as well.


Here is their first ever Music Video:

credits: darra724

My Review

ok. Their video is funny. Really shows the filipino culture. It received praises from filipinos as well as negative feedbacks from filipino k-pop lovers. If you’re a k-po (korean pop) addict, you would surely understand what I’m trying to say.  Just by watching the video, I can see that they’re trying to somewhat portray korean music and turn it into filipino-pop.  Comment says that their music videois  a copycat of 2ne1 & wonder girls. (Honestly, there were some parts that look the same with wonder girls and 2ne1’s music video).

In my opinion, i find the girls talented, bubbly, cheerful, girly and have a nice voice.  They’re also very pretty although around three of them almost looks the same.But then, they lack rhythm in their choreography. Everybody can dance but not everybody dances together so it’s a dissapointment to some filipino k-pop fans expecting so much from them.

I would like to support these girls but they have to improve first in their choreography. Also, I wish they’ll perform without lip synching coz it’s not really good to watch. Seeing them performing and commiting many mistakes plus lipsynching.

btw, i really like their song ‘crazy crazy’. it’s catchy^__^

Their live performances of “Crazy crazy”

credits: rSamdman09

Their live performance of “Crushy Crushy”

credits: rSamdman09